What is SmartShare?

SmartShare is a feature of SmartDay Online (www.mysmartday.com) that allows you to share projects, events, tasks, notes and conversations with other people. Do all your sharing on SmartDay Online, then view your shared items on our other apps - SmartDay for Mac 3.1 and SmartDay for iPhone & iPad 2.1.

What You Can Share, and how

Projects - allow others to view tasks, events, notes and conversations for an entire Project
Assign Tasks to others, and monitor their completion
Invite others to Meetings
Share Notes about any topic, with others
Start or join a Conversation with others about any Project or component. Great for team collaboration!

Single and Group Sharing

In the free version, you can share any project with one other person such as your friend, your assistant, or your partner. When you upgrade to premium, you can share any project with a group of people such as your work team or a study group. Group sharing is currently in public beta, which means it is free for you to use – for the time being.

Participate in the public beta of Group sharing

Sign up to our Sharing Forum to give us your feedback. Anyone who gets an ‘advanced’ ranking (based on your activity) will be able to use the Premium features for free, once the public beta ends. Thanks for your participation!

Roles and Permissions


When creating a Project or sharing from an existing project, depending on your role below - you have the following capabilities:

  • Add and Remove members
  • Plus all roles of Manager

There can be one Owner per shared Project and you can assign these roles to other members:


  • Assign Tasks
  • Fully edit the details of all tasks, events, and notes of a shared project
  • Plus all roles of Member


  • View all Tasks, Events, and Notes in a Project
  • Invite guests to Events
  • Create, take part in, and view all Conversations
  • Reassign Tasks that have been assigned to you
  • Plus all roles of a Viewer


  • Accept or Reject Tasks assigned to you
  • Mark done Tasks assigned to you
  • Take part in Conversations related to Tasks assigned to you

How To...

1. Share an entire Project

Easy! Select your Project and in the drop-down menu, choose Share. Done!

2. Assign a Task

Hover over any Task then select Share from the hover menu.

3. Accept or Reject a Task that has been shared to you

- You will receive an email, as well as a notification at the top of your SmartDay Online page
- Click ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ from the email or from the notification box

- If you accept, you will be able to see accepted Task inside its Project name at the bottom of your list, in a section called “Shared to Me”. You can also see your accepted tasks in Tasks List.

4. Manage Tasks that you have assigned to someone else

- Select your shared Project from the sub-list “Shared by Me”
- Select the Name of the Member you would like to Manage

- You will see all Tasks, Notes, and Events shared with or assigned to that person
- Click on “Home” to go back.

5. Invite Someone to a Meeting

- Select any event you want to invite others. This event does not need to be from a shared project
- Go to detail view of that event. Add email of people you want to invite
- You will get the summary of invitees
- The invitees will get email to ask for Join/Maybe/Decline

6. Accept a Meeting Invitation

- You will receive an email, as well as a notification at the top of your SmartDay Online page
- Click ‘Join’, ‘Maybe’ or ‘Decline’ from the email or from the notification box

7. Start a Conversation

- Select any Shared Project, Task, Event, or Note. Remember, it must belong to a shared Project
- Click to open the Detail view
- Start writing in the ‘Comments’ field
- All other group members will be notified of your comments

8. Join a Conversation

Either go directly to the shared project, or select the list of recent conversations from the Alerts box at the top of your SmartDay page. Start writing!

9. View New shared items or conversations

On your SmartDay page, you will see a little red ‘conversation’ bubble at the top. Click on it. That was easy!

Sync’ing With Your Apps

You can view shared items and respond to Conversations directly from SmartDay for Mac OSX, iPhone, and iPad. Here is how:

1. Make sure that your SmartDay app is set up to sync with SmartDay Online. If you have not yet set it up, just to to Settings -> Sync in the app, and sign in with your account.

2.Just like on your SmartDay page, on the main view of your SmartDay app, you will see a little red ‘chat bubble’ if there are any new conversations. Click to view and respond.

If your role is set to ‘Member’ or above, you will see all Events from Shared Projects in your calendar. If the Event is one that you have not been invited to, it will appear as a ‘transparent’ event, so that other tasks and events can overlap it. Any Tasks that you have shared with others, will disappear in your Task list and show in Project's content - with the name of the person that you shared the task with.




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